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Finding the right legal talent to take your business to the next level, requires that you have a deep understanding of how the candidate will interact and add value to the business. It is easier to assess legal candidate's possible contribution to the business if you have inhouse experience with leading and organising legal departments.

Experticon's search & selection model is developed in cooperation with Anne Lensmar-Friedman from LegalWorks, who is one of the leading headhunters in the Nordics focusing on legal recruitments.


Experticon has a solid overview of the Danish legal, compliance and risk management community and will quickly be able to identify suitable candidates. Let Experticon help you identify not only the talent that is actively seeking new opportunities, but also those that are not currently considering changing job, but who might find the job opening at your company the right fit.



Experticon is a partner-driven firm, established by thought-leaders within legal and legal tech and with considerable inhouse and execution experience.

We have solid experience with building and leading legal departments and a large network within the legal, compliance and risk management community, which enables us to find the right talent for your organsation.

Experticon is a partner-driven company established by thought-leaders within legal and legal tech, with considerable inhouse and implementation experience. We have access to experienced freelancers in the Nordics including Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

We focus on improving legal processes, structures, systems and risk exposures through legal risk management, lean thinking and the use of relevant legal tech tools. 

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