Nominate a Danish Legal Tech company for the Legal Tech Award 2019

The purpose of the Danish Legal Tech Award is to acknowledge, celebrate and raise awareness of the successful innovation and customer satisfaction arising out of IT-solution(s) invented by Danish Legal Tech companies.

Below you can enter your nominations. You can make as many nominations as you like and you may also nominate your own legal tech company.

Please describe the rationale behind the nomination(s), you make.

We accept nominations until November 15th 2019.

When you write your nomination, please make sure that the following criteria are met:

  • A Danish company: The company must have been founded in Denmark and its IT-solution(s) must be developed in and supported from Denmark. 
  • IT-solution in legal/compliance: The company must have launched IT-solution(s), which cut costs, optimize and/or improve procedures or specific tasks within the legal and compliance area.
  • Innovation: The company‚Äôs IT-solution(s) must be innovative, for example by introducing a new technology to the market or by merging existing solutions in a new and innovative way.
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    Intended for commercial use: The IT-solutions must be targeted at and relevant for a broad range of companies and organizations across industries and sectors.

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