Legal Tech Project Management

Often organsations and companies fokus too much on selecting an IT-solution, but have less focus on the planning and implementation of the actual solution. You might select the best solution, but without a proper implementation, your stakeholders will complain and you might end up with a re-implementation later on.

Experticon can help you with an experienced project manager who represents and understands your department's interests. An Experticon project manager not only can help you manage your vendor(s), but can also help you to reach your project targets - on time, on budget and on plan.


What makes Experticon Unique?

Experticon is a partner-driven company established by thought-leaders within legal and technology. Apart from Denmark we have access to experienced IT implementation consultants in the Nordics. 

We are 100% independent of IT-suppliers and our sole interest is to serve our clients best interests.

If you need freelance or temporary staffing, we can help you.

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